Patterns: Dark, Gray, and the Other Kind (A Short Analysis of Intentions on the Web)

Since the beginning of the web, designers have been in the midst of a constant struggle whether that be with themselves or those they work for. The struggle is to do what is right, good, or best, versus what is questionable, ill-intending, and downright corrupt. This struggle may be over design, intent, or a variety of other things. Most of the time it tends to be over design and intent. A design conflict comes when the employer disagrees with a designer on how a website should look, feel, or function. It's not always in the best interest of either party for the designer to always do what the employer says as this could possibly lead to bad results for the employer's site (traffic, usability, etc.) and the designer's portfolio and reputation. This article is not about the struggle with design, though it does overlap and have some similarities. Here I intend to give an explanation for what the best practice is when it comes to relating to the user's intentions versus ours.