Worlds Away Yet Playing Together

Today I played some Minecraft games with someone I met on Twitter. In trying to build my own Minecraft community I have begun to reach out to other players who have recently launched Youtube channels as well. I am also hoping my friends who play with me will be able to get their own channels and record too.

For the setup, we used Discord which for the most part worked. The guy I was playing with either had a bad connection or the app was suffering problems at the time of recording. I could here him for the most part except when he would drop out of the channel completely (obviously!).

Things I learned:
Use headphones with microphones on them that way you won't reverberate through all of the audio channels.
Make sure you have a stable connection and that the person on the other end does as well.
Also, make sure you are on the right server when you are playing on a public server ;)

Currently, I am running on a Macbook Pro 13" mid-2012 model with 4gb of ram. I will be installing an SSD and 8gb of ram soon to account for all the ram my server takes up when I host the game and try to play at the same time.

Something else I would like to try is the recently launched Youtube Live Streaming service. This might come in handy especially since it will record the video at the same time. That will mean less editing in post (oh, happy day!).

Connecting with others in the Minecraft seems like it would be fairly easy given that we have so much technology and opportunities to connect. But even in the digital realm you will encounter a lot of people who just really aren't into connecting, meeting others, and are intent on doing their own thing. I understand everyone is out for their own fame and fortune to some point but it really does help to make those connections and work together.

You can see a lot of groups at the top in the Minecraft world (check out Speedy's or Vikkstar's and you will see what I mean). A lot of these players created a team that helped them develop their own world and it's those worlds that got the viewers interested. Unique stories, interesting builds, and teamwork got a lot of these people to the top.

I'm just stating some of my own observations so far and though I'm pretty early on in the game still. Hopefully, with enough time and 'teamwork' my friends and I can make something interesting too.