Thoughts on The Future of Marketing - Sprinklr Session by Ragy Thomas @ IBM 2016 Amplify Conference Tampa, FL

Last week I attended a conference in Tampa, FL. The company I work for sent me there as we had recently acquired IBM's Marketing Cloud and are in the process of learning about it and finding how we can use it appropriately.

Many of the sessions were helpful but I found two of them that had useful information for everyone. Here I have embedded live streamed videos of the CEO of Sprinklr, Ragy Thomas, from one of those sessions (still in the process of finding the other one).

If you are a consumer or a marketer, as everyone is in one of those categories or both, you need to hear about the changes in marketing that Ragy speaks about. I find this very true that as the millennial generation and the next come more into play both in business and in pleasure, brands will need to change the way they market. In another session, the speaker talked about Amazon's Echo and how much this is predicting where marketing is headed (he even mentioned that Google would make one and low and behold an hour after the session they announced their version of Echo).

So, enjoy the videos and think about your brand, how you market, and how this is going to change over the next few years. And if you aren't a brand or representing one, think about how you are being marketed to now and how you would like to see that in the future.