Phone Bills and Texas Taxes

About two months ago my wife's tablet quit working properly. We brought it to our phone provider's store and they agreed to fix it. We received a box in the mail a few days later, shipped it to the repair center, and they shipped it back fully functional. Then, just a few weeks ago I looked at my phone bill for the month and it suddenly had gone up! I don't know about you but I don't like paying more for phone service. I feel that I already pay too much (and would gladly drop extra features if I could).

Added to our most recent bill was a new line for insurance for $9. I don't remember agreeing to add any insurance to our bill and if that was required I would have thought twice about bringing the tablet to them. The tablet was fairly new and I believed it would have been covered by warranty. I decided I should at least give them a call to see if they will remove the insurance charge. But just before I did I noticed several other charges under my wife's phone:

TX Franchise Surchg .08
Texas Universal Service .69
TX State 911 Fee .50
TX Equalization Surcharge .06
TX State Sales Tax 1.80
City Sales Tax .28
Dallas Mta Sales Tax .28

Now, if I didn't know better, I'm pretty sure all the "TX" labels stand for Texas! I also know that we don't live in Dallas (or Texas!). My phone line had the appropriate charges and labels for the state we currently live in. My wife used to live in Texas and we brought her line onto mine when we got married.

I decided that though the amounts were small, I didn't want to be paying taxes to a state I don't live in! So I brought both the insurance and the state issue up with the phone provider's customer service. To my surprise and relief, they were very kind and quickly removed the insurance charge. After about two phone transfers and ten minutes of hold they also rectified the taxes problem which was due to the address on that line still be associated with Texas.

When the line was switch to our current state our new bill marked the taxes for this state which honestly aren't too much lower (maybe $1). But I think it is worth it to check over our bills and see what charges we really are incurring. I'm glad I took a second glance at mine and will probably do so more often on other bills.

But if you should call customer service about terminating Texas taxes, just make sure they don't confuse your Texas taxes with texting!