DIY Shower Painting

Our shower has always seemed dirty to me. Maybe it's the lighting. I don't know. I've tried to clean it severals times but to no avail. No matter what chemical I use and no matter how hard I scrub, the grout never seems to get any cleaner. Also, there are small cracks on a few tiles and I don't want to go through the trouble of cutting those tiles out and replacing them.

After much deliberation, the time has come to paint the shower tiles and tub! This is a surprisingly easy project. Let me take you through it!

First, go to a home supply store and get high gloss industrial enamel spray paint and painters tape. I recommend Rust-Oleum Industrial High Gloss Enamel. It was about $6 a can and I needed four cans. If you are only doing the tub you should be able to just use two cans. I recommend using a power sander (I use a Ryobi 18 volt battery powered one) for this project and other than that just some basic tools (screwdriver, etc).

Start by cleaning the tub. Make sure to get every bit of water, dirt, dust, and mold that you can. After you have cleaned it thoroughly, sand every tile and inch of tub you plan on painting. Then clean it again! After you have finalized your cleaning you use the painters tape and newspaper to shield the floor and walls. You may also want to cut out the caulk around the drain with a screwdriver. I removed that as I was planning on replacing the caulk as well.

Make sure you cover or remove anything from the bathroom that you don't want painted. The fog and overspray this paint creates will create a light coat of dust on anything and everything in the room.

Now you are ready to paint! Plan on doing light coats. I ran over the entire surface area of the tiles and tub about eight times with light coats. If you lay it down too heavy it will drip. Also, if there is any water it will cause the paint to bubble and not apply well.

Here are a few pictures during the process of painting. I had applied a few coats.

Warning! This stuff smells pretty bad and fogs up the air very quickly. Remember that it coats everything with paint dust. You should only paint for third seconds to a minute at a time and then leave the room to breath. I highly recommend a breathing mask as you will be feeling the effects of the paint on your lungs. Another consideration is that the floors may become sticky so you will want to be careful when entering and leaving the room.

There aren't too many tips I can give you on this project other than what you have read so far. It is fairly easy and you shouldn't have trouble with this project! Once you have the tub painted, it will need to dry for four hours. I waited for it to dry then caulked the drain and painted over it. You may get some runs as I did and its fairly simple to sand and respray those areas.

There is one last thing you should do after you have waited for your tub. Run some water and rub the insides down before you get in the tub and use it for the first time. My feet stuck slightly to the floor my first time so I have to sand and repaint a few areas that I messed up. I found that cleaning the freshly painted tub with water and some soap will prevent this from happening.

If you have questions feel free to ask! Also, post your pictures and record your progress if you do this project! I would be happy to see others try it!