Dividing Harmony: Thoughts on Brexit


I was in the EU last week while the British population was at the polls voting on one of the most significant issues of the year; whether the UK should leave the EU or stay. If you haven't seen the news yet, it was something close to a resounding yes. Of course, there are some who want to stay and possible fallout with Scotland (which they seem to go back and forth with leaving the UK anyways).

My thoughts before the vote took place: please UK, leave!

Thoughts on The Future of Marketing - Sprinklr Session by Ragy Thomas @ IBM 2016 Amplify Conference Tampa, FL


Last week I attended a conference in Tampa, FL. The company I work for sent me there as we had recently acquired IBM's Marketing Cloud and are in the process of learning about it and finding how we can use it appropriately.

Many of the sessions were helpful but I found two of them that had useful information for everyone. Here I have embedded live streamed videos of the CEO of Sprinklr, Ragy Thomas, from one of those sessions (still in the process of finding the other one).

Phone Bills and Texas Taxes

About two months ago my wife's tablet quit working properly. We brought it to our phone provider's store and they agreed to fix it. We received a box in the mail a few days later, shipped it to the repair center, and they shipped it back fully functional. Then, just a few weeks ago I looked at my phone bill for the month and it suddenly had gone up! I don't know about you but I don't like paying more for phone service. I feel that I already pay too much (and would gladly drop extra features if I could).

I Am a Robot! Maybe...


I was watching a recent Ted talk asking the question asking if a computer can write poetry. There are many articles regarding this subject. The Turing Test is the basis for most of these articles and test.

DIY Shower Painting


Our shower has always seemed dirty to me. Maybe it's the lighting. I don't know. I've tried to clean it severals times but to no avail. No matter what chemical I use and no matter how hard I scrub, the grout never seems to get any cleaner. Also, there are small cracks on a few tiles and I don't want to go through the trouble of cutting those tiles out and replacing them.

After much deliberation, the time has come to paint the shower tiles and tub! This is a surprisingly easy project. Let me take you through it!

DIY Pallet Wall


My wife and I decided that we would start working on one room at a time in our home. We wanted to to update the look and just make it look nicer in each room. Here is a record of my pallet wall project for our bathroom. I will tell you how we did it and what we learned on each step. This is a fairly easy project and I think that almost anyone could do this on their own.

Emails and Template Generation


We are always sending a lot of emails. It's just part of marketing job I have where I work. The person in charge of creating the emails will be leaving soon so I will have to work directly with the copywriter and social media persons. I built most of the email templates that we are using now but to limit the amount of time I would need to be involved with each email I have decided to build a template generator!

Serve It Up! Minecraft Servers on Your Mac


I recently started hosting Minecraft games from my laptop which is a mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13" with 4gb of ram (soon to be 8gb) and a 120gb SSD. Let's just say that I couldn't find a simple inclusive tutorial of how to set this up. Mainly because Apple has updated some of the software. So, without further ado, I would like to present you with how I setup a Minecraft server on my Mac and...

How You Can Do It Too!

Keeping Safe (And Still Remembering Your Passwords!)


Since the internet came out (because there once was a time where it wasn't a thing! :O oh no!), we have been at war with ourselves. War? What am I taking about? Well, I guess it goes back a lot further than the beginning of the internet. Humans have a tendency to not remember things, and I am no exception. With the advent of the digital world, we learned we needed to remember passwords on top of all of the other things we already had memorized (phone numbers, zip codes, addresses, which in the end are being forgotten because of the internet).

Worlds Away Yet Playing Together


Today I played some Minecraft games with someone I met on Twitter. In trying to build my own Minecraft community I have begun to reach out to other players who have recently launched Youtube channels as well. I am also hoping my friends who play with me will be able to get their own channels and record too.